Francia Márquez talks about the truce between 'Shotas' and 'Espartanos', criminal gangs from Buenaventura

Francia Márquez talks about the truce between ‘Shotas’ and ‘Espartanos’, criminal gangs from Buenaventura

During her visit to Buenaventura, Vice President Francia Márquez ratified the support of the Government to start the dialogue tables with ‘Los Shotas’ and ‘Los Espartanos’.

“It is evident the level of hope that has been generated in the people of Buenos Aires who have been hit for years by violence, We announce our full support to ensure that the tranquility that is felt today lasts in the territory”said the Vice President.

For his part, the bishop of the district, Monsignor Rubén Darío Jaramillo Montoya, who has been playing the role of facilitator, today showed his confidence in this process that seeks “total peace” more firmly than ever.

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“In Buenaventura there are victims of the horror of war, who have been left year after year enduring the pain of the loss of their loved ones, beings that were taken from them in the midst of barbarism demand reparation and that today they celebrate that the path towards peace has begun, but they assure that the principle of non-repetition must be followed”, affirmed Francia Márquez.

Today the peace laboratory that begins in the district of Buenaventura has the international accompaniment of the delegate of the United Nations, Carlos Ruiz Massieu, to generate the conditions that allow the violence to cease.

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Similarly, the high commissioner for peace, Danilo Rueda, made it clear that This is a dialogue through which the conditions will be built where the main theme will always be the transformation of the territory.

“So far we do not have a date for the start of the dialogues, we have made some approaches that will not be revealed at the moment, but we trust in the goodwill of these groups, which can be seen in the figures for the reduction in homicides, for 80 days there have been no murders as a result of the confrontation between these gangs”, said the High Commissioner for Peace.

From the district Administration there was an evident display of joy because this exploration in the face of the dialogues with the criminal gangs ‘Shottas’ and ‘Espartanos’ represents great hope for the community.

The mayor (e) of Buenaventura, Mauricio Aguirre, asked the Government that within the dialogues the submission of groups outside the law must be taken into accountyy Accompaniment with investment for the development of the territory, basically framed in the Special Integral Plan for the Development of Buenaventura and international cooperation.

During the presidential visit it was announced that next year a process of reparation for the victims of the armed conflict would begin, in addition all the corresponding dialogues in the search for total peace for this territory will continue to advance.

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