They design a mask capable of detecting surroundings with people infected by coronavirus

A team of researchers designed a mask that can detect, after about 10 minutes, an environment infected by viruses, among which the SARS-CoV-2 responsible for the COVID-19.

The new mask was designed at Shanghai Tongji University, and, according to a report by Ephcan notify users through their mobile devices of the presence of these pathogens in the air around them.

The researchers, who published this Monday the conclusions of his work in the magazine Matterafter the evidence that masks can reduce the risk of spreading and contracting the disease, focused on designing one that was capable of detecting the presence of the virus in the air and alerting the user.

The respiratory pathogens that cause influenza A or covid are spread through small droplets and aerosols released by infected people when they speak, cough and sneeze, and those virus-containing molecules, especially small aerosols, can remain suspended in the air. for a long time.

The scientist Yin Fang, from the aforementioned University, has underlined in the publication that the mask “works very well in spaces with poor ventilation, such as elevators or closed rooms, where the risk of becoming infected is high.”

A team of researchers has designed a mask capable of detecting if a person is talking to another who is infected by one of the most common viruses, including the coronavirus. Photograph provided by Tongji University of Shanghai/ EFE.

He has also stressed that in the future, if a new respiratory virus emerges, they can easily update the sensor design to detect the new pathogens.

The researchers are now working to shorten the detection time and further increase the sensitivity of the sensor, the source notes.


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