"Slander is a crime": Petro denies that he spoke drunk in a speech in New York

“Slander is a crime”: Petro denies that he spoke drunk in a speech in New York

Gustavo Petro in his speech at the UN.

The president of Colombia pointed out a tweeter for supposedly modifying the video. He answered her.

Colombia News.

Gustavo Petro is in New York City as part of the UN Assembly, his first speech as president of Colombians before this international organization.

There, the national president will present, along with his other colleagues, solutions to stop the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, climate change and energy problems; critical issues in this period of global crisis.

Before arriving at the UN congress, Petro gave a short speech in a square in the ‘world capital’ in which he spoke of La Paz and Solidarity.

“Human beings are alive on this planet because we are supportive, because we have helped each other and because we have not been the lone wolf but the pack, because the female has always been in the pack taking care of life…”, said the president accompanied by his cabinet and before a hundred people.

they edited it

To the surprise of the president, this short speech was edited and uploaded to social networks in order to make Colombians believe that he had spoken in New York “after drinks.”

In the slowed-down video, Petro is heard speaking in a distorted manner.

The following is the recording that they edited to make it appear as if the president was speaking under the influence of alcohol:

@colombiaenoposition♬ PARANORMAL – ferre90

#Petroborracho quickly became a trend on Twitter and the national president had to go out and deny this situation that compromised his image.

«As president of Colombia I reject the manipulation that Mr. @ernestoyamhure, a US resident, has made of this video, changing his times to appear intoxicated. Slander is a crime,” the president tweeted, pointing to one person in particular.

Tweeter’s response

This Twitter user responded to Petro’s accusations and stated that the video was not of him but of a tweeter.

“Alcoholism is not a crime, Mr. President of Colombia, it is a disease,” he added.

About this edited video and according to what was exposed by Snail News, President Petro will establish a demand for affecting their image and dignity.

“To what extent do they make lies the only policy they are capable of. The lack of ideas can only be filled with lies and manipulation,” Petro concluded on her Twitter account.

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