They denounce Yanibel Ábrego for alleged fraud and embezzlement

The lawyer Ernesto Marchosky presented this Thursday before the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) a complaint against the deputy Yanibel Ábrego, for the alleged commission of the crime of fraud and embezzlement in public contracts carried out during her tenure as president of the National Assembly.

According to the lawyer, this complaint is due to the fact that in articles published in the newspaper La Prensa, as a result of an investigation carried out, it is reflected that the deputy signed a series of resolutions in public contracting processes, in which apparently it has been favored a series of companies which are related to each other, for which there was splitting in the hiring process to guarantee direct hiring of the favored ones.

Marchosky stated that the contracting processes were carried out in such a way that they did not exceed 50 thousand dollars, “so that the contracting could be done directly without going through a more formal bidding process, or control of any kind.”

“During the investigation we realized that several of these companies share boards of directors and other members of the companies that are related to each other, this indicates that these companies belong to the same person or are part of the same business groups, and then call the attention that is repeatedly hired, “stated the lawyer.

On November 17, the newspaper La Prensa published that Ábrego spent more than $ 5 million on “decorations, remodeling and maintenance in certain offices of the National Assembly,” during her tenure as president of the Legislative Branch.

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