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They denounce violence against the Garrido sisters, imprisoned for 11J

Madrid Spain.- The Association of Mothers and Relatives for Amnesty, the Cuban Women’s Network and the Council for Democratic Transition in Cuba issued a statement denouncing the Cuban regime’s repression against the political prisoners of 11J María Cristina and Angélica Garrido.

“The systematic political repression against them will not be able to silence them or silence us: what is more, the integrity of women like the sisters Garrido, among many others, will reverberate over time”, the organizations maintain.

In the text, reviewed by Radio Television Marti, The Government of the Island and the prison authorities are blamed for the paralysis suffered by Angélica Garrido during the last few days.

This paralysis, in half of his body, is due to the “extreme police violence” he suffers in prison, denounce human rights organizations.

The statement highlights that “physical, sexual and psychological violence perpetrated or tolerated by the State” is considered a violation of human rights by the United Nations General Assembly.

“Why do these episodes happen over and over again in our country? Because our laws do not include between the different forms of violence, neither that of gender, in the private sphere, nor the institutional one in the state sphere. As there are no sanctions or control over the application of these duties, women in Cuba have nowhere to turn to denounce these abuses of our integrity”, the statement states.

Last March, the Provincial Court of Mayabeque sentenced the sisters Angélica and María Cristina Garrido to three and seven years in prison, respectively, for their participation in the popular protests of July 11, 2021 in the town of Quivicán.

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