They denounce union persecution of a teacher who demanded cuts to education from the president

They denounce union persecution of a teacher who demanded cuts to education from the president

Photo: Screenshot / streaming of Parliament
Photo: Screenshot / streaming of Parliament

The senator for the National Party, Graciela Bianchi, came out to defend President Luis Lacalle Pou after professor Mirta Mabel Mallo spoke to him in front of him to complain about the impact that cuts to education have.

Despite the fact that the president was never in danger or insulted, Bianchi assures that his only intention is to make “a request for information from a senator of the Republic”, and asked: “Are they so scared?”

“Those of us who suffer from State Terrorism want to stop the violent ones who led us to it,” the legislator said in another tweet, alluding to the fact that a significant number of people on social networks criticized her reaction.

In this sense, Eduardo Brenta, who was a political prisoner during the dictatorship, stated: “If you politely address President Luis Lacalle Pou to let you know the cut in education, the lack of teaching hours and the fact that many poor gurises were left out of the system. The democratic National Party He responds like this ”, and shared Bianchi’s tweet announcing the request for reports.

“We are all Mabel”

In a matter of minutes, social networks were filled with statements that support the educator and her right to free expression and the hashtag #TodosSomosMabel became a trend. Such was the case of the Coordinadora de Unindicatos de Enseñanza del Uruguay (CSEU), which shared its support through the Twitter account of the National Federation of Secondary Education Teachers (FeNaPEs).

For the union, “this is another sign of anti-union and political persecution of union activists and anyone who expresses their disagreement with the government.”

“These behaviors are reminiscent of another time in this country, when State terrorism operated; fascist practices of a regime without guarantees ”, added CSEU.

In the same way, the Association of Officials of the UTU (AFUTU) came out to give Mallo its support, which repudiated the request for information, “a clear example of union persecution. They touch us, they touch us all ”.

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