They denounce that neo-Nazis threaten Lula in Brazil

“ATTENTION! The neo-Nazis threatened to assassinate @LulaOficial and the comrades @mariadorosario and @LeonelRadde, who do brilliant work against extremist groups,” Hoffman wrote on Twitter.

The intolerant promised to kill Lula, parliamentarian Maria do Rosário and Leonel Radde, councilman of Porto Alegre, capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and civil police.

According to the PT helmsman, the political organization will adopt measures so that those responsible are identified and punished.

The threats were made through messages sent to the mobile phone of the councillor, who received similar intimidation last year.

This time, the extremists even announced a date for Radde’s death: October 31.

“Your death is planned, it will be on October 31, 2022, at 9:00 p.m., in Rio Grande do Sul,” read one of the messages received.

“We’re going to kill you, trash. Your face will be full of bullets,” they added.

The PT announced last July that it is analyzing systems to reinforce the security of the former president during the electoral campaign.

He specified that the exchange of opinions takes place discreetly within the party, taking into account “the radicalization of the political environment and the aggressiveness of the Bolsonaristas (supporters of the ruling Jair Bolsonaro) who are perceived as a risk to Lula’s personal security.”

A report by the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, published on the occasion, warned that “it is not a secret that an important part of the Bolsonarista base is enthusiastic about weapons” and that group, like Bolsonaro, “defends the use of violence.” .

He alluded to the notorious relationship between Bolsonaroism and the militiamen and the most radical sectors of the state police.

Also the American journalist Brian Mier in a contact with TV 247 warned that the United States Government is preparing an attack against Brazil, possibly to prevent the return to power of Lula, who leads all the opinion polls heading into the October elections.

Mier made reference to statements made by Washington’s ambassador to Brazil, Todd Chapman, about his country’s concern with corruption in the South American giant, and not with democracy.

According to the communicator, the northern power is preparing a new blow against Brazil and recommended mounting a defense against what is coming.

“Get ready for a social media bombardment against the PT and against Lula, because this is the new tool of full-spectrum warfare, originating in the United States,” he warned.


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