They denounce irregularities for more than half a billion pesos in UNGRD contracts

They denounce irregularities for more than half a billion pesos in UNGRD contracts

The National Unit for Risk and Disaster Management (UNGRD) confirmed the existence of 23 irregular contracts filed in 2021, by the contractor Carlos Francisco Diazgranados, which involve 512 billion of pesos.

According to the director of the UNGRD, Javier Pava, the contracts established for humanitarian aid in the care of emergencies or disasters are under review, due to an alleged explicit favor with the contractor for specific interests and politicians.

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“They realize a favoring of contracts for two years for the contractor Carlos Francisco Diazgranados Guerra, these concentrations of contracting not only occurred in terms of works and in terms of contracting humanitarian aid that favor some interests…”, maintained Pava.

According to the entity, the mismanagement of the contracts resulted in a debt of 332 billion pesos from the previous government.

According to Pava, only in one of the contracts, it was discovered that more than 70% of the money was not used for its true purpose, only 12% was invested in humanitarian kits.

“It was found that 28% of the works have execution problems, basic schemes without designs, today there are serious problems with the completion of these works, the Police are investigating 18 projects where there are signs of irregularities declared as delicate”, mentioned the director of the Unit.

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Javier Pava also stressed that it has been done a contract without what are called certificates of budget availability, without budget support, for which reason the Prosecutor’s Office is already in the process of investigating several projects that began in 2021. The Attorney General’s Office is also carrying out a disciplinary investigation process for these events.

The director of the UNGRD ended by commenting that Contract manipulation was also found by some senators, whose names were not revealed.

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