Improves Pele’s health

The great Brazilian soccer player Pelé is improving, his doctors reported Tuesday. Pelé, 82, has been hospitalized for a week due to a respiratory infection aggravated by COVID-19.

“The patient continues to evolve satisfactorily, especially from the respiratory infection,” the Albert Einstein Israeli Hospital said in a statement.

“He remains in the room with stable vital signs, conscious and without new complications.”

Pelé, 82 years old and hospitalized: “I am strong”

“He is sick, but at the moment he is there with a lung infection, and when he gets better he will come home. He is not saying goodbye at the hospital right now, ”said Kely Nascimento, Pelé’s daughter.

And he added: “Three weeks ago he had COVID-19. He is vaccinated with all the doses, but because of the anticancer medication, the chemotherapy that makes him more fragile, he has a lung infection. That’s why he went to the hospital.

He is expected to leave the hospital when he has fully recovered from the infection.

In Qatar, the image of a young Pelé celebrating goals and lifting trophies with the Brazil team appeared on the jerseys, flags and banners of Brazilian players and fans.

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