They denounce inconsistencies in rendering of MRA

They denounce inconsistencies in rendering of MRA

Ricardo Torres, a citizen of Mariano Roque Alonso (MRA), denounced a series of inconsistencies in the financial report of the commune during the 2021 administration.
Specifically, it points out that Carolina Aranda, community chief of the city, exposed during the last public hearing, several numbers that do not coincide with the report available on the website of the municipality.

Torres points out that, during the mayor’s presentation, when she mentions the detail of the expenses (expenses) during the year 2021 and comparing the numbers mentioned against those registered in the expense report raised on the website of the municipality itself, observes a negative difference of G. 5,171 million. In other words, the community chief reported more spending than is recorded in the report available on the web.

Specifically, the expenses presented during the last public hearing by the mayor were G. 42,526 million (G. 33,746 million in current expenses and G. 8,780 million in capital). The striking thing that the resident denounces is that the commune published the annual report for the year on its website with other numbers.
In the published report, the total expense was G. 37,354 million (G. 28,801 million in capital expenses and G. 8,555 million in current expenses).

The resident denounces that, in addition, in the data available on the commune’s website, it is observed that current expenses in the category “consumer goods and supplies” amount to G. 2,855 million from January to November. But the final report, including December, speaks of G. 2,797 million, something wrong since the sum should be equal to or greater, but not less.


At another time, the resident denounces that the income from the financial loan taken in the month of December of last year for G. 5,000 million, represented 9.5% of the original budget and 10.4% of the total collected throughout the year. 2021, but, despite the high amount, no mention was made at the public hearing.

“It deserved a space to develop it and, above all, the reason for its application, what it would be used for” he questioned.

The resident affirms that during the last public hearing, the community chief failed to comply with Law 5,560/16 (municipal organic law), since the informative brochure regarding accountability was not provided for free access by citizens. Nor was the holding of the public hearing previously communicated (days before) by any mass media. The hearing was not public as it was held behind closed doors, and the income and expense reports for the month of December 2021 were removed from the municipality’s website and replaced by a file of the same name, but with information income and expenses total year.

Finally, Torres points out that, in the same annual report, raised on the municipality’s website in the income part of December 2021, it is observed that, according to said report, the income from Fonacide was higher than the budget.

“Precisely the space to clarify these things by the mayor, it is supposed to be the Public Hearing, but this point was not analyzed and presented either,” he criticized.

We tried to speak with the mayor Carolina Aranda, at the cell phone number ending 952, however, at the close of this edition she still did not answer us. We had the same fate with her assistant with termination 833. In the same way we are attentive to give her version of this complaint.

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