They denounce delay in payment of bonuses

They denounce delay in payment of bonuses

The companies that owe are the following; Predetek SA, located in the city of Asunción. Its manager is Claro García. ISS Private Security, located in Asunción. Its owner is Atilio Gómez Buongermini. In this case, you are paying your officials in installments.

La Pretoriana SA, is in Asunción and its owner is former Commissioner Blas Ramírez. In this case they are also paying in installments, and the Guardians Grupo Elite SA Located in Asunción. In this case he only paid 50%.

Paraguay Security SA, located in Asunción and whose owners are; Jorge Jure Bykov and Olga de Jure, just paid the bonus in the first week of January.

The firm covers the National Professional Promotion Service (SNPP). About 50 guards were affected by this situation.
Addis Merlo, head of the SNPP, reported that on Friday, January 7, they received information that the bonuses had already been paid. She clarified that they are up to date with the security company.

“It is their activity. They are people who work with us and we must deal with complaints. We have called them and they confirmed that they have already paid,” he explained.

When asked about a possible termination of the contract with the security company, due to this irregular situation, she indicated that the bond expires in the middle of the year and that they will take the time to evaluate if they decide to terminate the agreement prematurely.

“They did not notify us. We had to find out through the press. Let’s analyze the contractual situation. We pay them in a timely manner, we have no pending payments. It is a failure of the company, ”he said.

Companies that do not pay the bonus are exposed to fines of up to 30 wages (G. 2.6 million) for each official.

The amount of this contract is for 12 months. The total value is G. 5,708,520,000 (US$ 827 thousand). The monthly payment is G. 475,710,000. Taking into account that there are approximately 50 guards, the payment that the company receives for each guard on a monthly basis is G. 9,514,200. But the payment received by the workers is only the minimum wage; G. 2,289,324.

Interestingly, this firm began to win tenders with the State since 2019. Before, they only covered positions in the private sector.

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