They denounce Carrizo before the Attorney General’s Office for alleged misuse of public funds

A complaint for the alleged mismanagement of State funds was filed on the morning of this Friday, April 22, by the lawyer Ernesto Cedeño, against the Vice President of the Republic, José Gabriel Carrizo. This after a political message from the official was broadcast through the state channel SERTV.

For Cedeño, using this channel to spread a political message represents a violation of the Code of Ethics.

He explained that the complaint filed with the Administration Attorney’s Office is about alleged administrative faults in the management of State resources.

“I believe that there was an administrative fault here and in my opinion it is the responsibility of the Administration Attorney’s Office (to investigate), the message must be forceful, the State funds must be administered as a good father of a family,” he said and stated that acting of the vice president violates the Code of Ethics in Article 25 on the use of all public funds.

The Code of Ethics establishes sanctions of reprimands, including the suspension of the position of that public servant who violates this regulation.

Despite considering that the investigation should be conducted by the Administration’s attorney, Cedeño said that the general director of the Authority for Transparency and Access to Information (Antai), Elsa Fernández. She was a bit “guabinosa” (she avoids making decisions or facing responsibility) by giving statements that she does not have the power to investigate in this case.

He specified that not only reed must be investigated, but also the Public Relations staff of the Ministry of the Presidency, “who should have sent the video” and the director of SERTV himself “who allowed it to be broadcast.”

It is worth mentioning that yesterday Vice President Carrizo alleged that this video with a political message was not sent exclusively to the state television channel but was also distributed to other media outlets that also replicated his message.

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