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Independiente scores and takes the lead

The top of the Intermediate has a new owner, at least for tonight. Independiente de Campo Grande crushed Martín Ledesma 5-2 and is waiting for what happens with Sportivo Luqueño and the batch of escorts.

Independiente received General Martín Ledesma today at the Ricardo Gregor stadium for the fourth date of the 2022 Intermediate Division tournament.

The local team made their feud respectable with goals from Marcelo Ferreira (21′ and 80′), Javier Domínguez (43′), Osmar Leguizamón (46′) and Héctor Villmayor (60′). Jorge Guerrero (48’P) and Derlys Cabañas (90′) discounted for the visit.

With this result, Independiente adds 10 points and takes the lead pending what happens in the games of Sportivo Luqueño, Pastoreo, San Lorenzo and Trinidense.

A little earlier, but at La Arboleda de Santísima Trinidad, local Rubio Ñu and Pedro Juan Caballero’s 2 de Mayo shared the points by drawing 1-1.



-Friday, April 22:

*Rubio Ñu 1-1 Sportivo May 2 PJC

*Independent HQ 5-2 General Martin Ledesma

-Saturday April 23:

*Sportivo Iteno vs. Atyra FC

Stadium: Salvador Morga (Ita).

Hours: 10:00 (TV).

Referee: Luis Urunaga.

Assistants: Diego Silva and Roberto Azari.

Fourth referee: José Armoa.

*Guarani from Trinidad vs. Sportivo San Lorenzo

Stadium: Don Carlos Memmel (Cambyretá).

Hours: 10:00 (TV).

Referee: Sergio Melgarejo.

Assistants: Víctor Dávalos and Derlys González.

Fourth referee: Héctor Bernal.

-Sunday April 24:

*Fernando de la Mora vs. Sportive Luqueno

Stadium: Emiliano Ghezzi.

Hours: 10:00 (TV).

Referee: Nelson Palma.

Assistants: Esteban Testta and Francisco Ramos.

Fourth referee: Victor Ruiz.

*River Plate vs. Athletic Collegiate

Stadium: Kelito Gardens.

Hours: 10:00 (TV).

Referee: Oscar Yellow.

Assistants: Carlos Valdovinos and Blas Rojas.

Fourth referee: Blas Romero.

-Monday, April 25:

*February 3 CDE vs. Trinidense Sports

Stadium: Antonio Aranda.

Hours: 4:00 p.m. (TV).

Referee: Sixto Mercado.

Assistants: Saturnino Cáceres and Marcelo Almada.

Fourth referee: Samuel Morales.

* Deportivo Santani vs. Grazing CF

Stadium: Juan José Vázquez (San Estanislao).

Hours: 18:15 (TV).

Referee: Gedidias Zacarias.

Assistants: Carlos López and César Silva.

Fourth referee: Marcos Franco.


Independiente CG 10, Sportivo Luqueño 9, Pastoreo 7, Sportivo San Lorenzo 7, Sportivo Trinidense 7, Guaraní de Trinidad 6, Rubio Ñu 5, February 3 CDE 4, Fernando de la Mora 3, River Plate 3, Sportivo Iteño 3, Atyrá 2, General Martín Ledesma 2, Deportivo Santaní 1, Sportivo 2 de Mayo PJC 1, Atlético Colegiales 0.

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