Adrián Curuneaux Stivens, preso político

They denounce beating against political prisoner Adrián Curuneaux in Valle Grande

Havana Cuba. – Political prisoner Adrián Curuneaux Stevensa member of the Opposition Movement for a New Republic (MONR), was recently beaten by a group of common prisoners in the Valle Grande prison, they informed CubaNet, via telephone, other prison inmates.

before being hit, Curuneaux Stevens would have criticized the situation of the trays where the prisoners receive the food. These spend a lot of time dirty, “thrown in a corner,” said the sources consulted by CubaNet under condition of anonymity.

For his complaint, and as a warning, the political prisoner would have received a beating.

In May 2020, Curuneaux Stevens He was arrested and charged with the alleged crime of assault. Meanwhile, in March of last year, the Municipal Court of Marianao sentenced him to one year of deprivation of liberty, which was later subsidized for limitation of liberty for the same period of time.

Then, while he was serving his provisional release sentence, the activist was arrested again for approaching the Calixto García Hospital to inquire about the life of Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, admitted at that time due to a hunger strike.

Curuneaux Stevens he was declared a “convict of conscience” by Prisoners Defenders. He is currently accused of the alleged crime of “attack” and is serving a provisional prison measure in the Valle Grande prison in Havana.

Tony Salazar Deulofeo, another political prisoner in Valle Grande

In that same prison is also the political prisoner Tony Alberto Salazar Deulofeo, who has been the victim of abuse in recent days both by officers of the prison itself and by common prisoners sent by them, according to what he has denounced.

Precisely his wife, the activist member of the MONR Evis Yuneikys García Coto, denounced that Salazar Deulofeo was beaten by a common prisoner when he called on the phone.

“Clearly, the intention to provoke him is seen. They keep trying to threaten him in some way, what they don’t know is that Tony is not going to be intimidated by anything or anyone. However, I fear for his physical integrity”, he told CubaNet.

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