Foreign Minister Faría demands the release of the Emtrasur plane and its crew

They demand the return of Emtrasur crew members to their countries of origin

The defense of the crew members of the Boeing 747 aircraft of the Aerocargo del Sur Transport Company (Emtrasur), a subsidiary of the Venezuelan airline Conviasa, demanded the return of the crew members to their respective countries, as part of a judicial hearing held this Friday.

It emphasizes that the prosecutors who asked the Argentine justice system to initiate said joint investigation with the FBI were not present at said hearing, after having requested in writing the embargo of the ship and the prohibition of leaving the national territory of its crew, under alleged charges. of terrorist activities, reviewed Telesur.

Contrary to the logic in these processes that sustains the face-to-face exchange between the parties and the argumentation of their respective arguments.

It is a case with three causes because a team is in charge of defending the rights of Emtrasur; another of the rights of the crew; and a third specifically of the 14 members of this whose nationality is Venezuelan.

The crew, detained since June 8, is detained in a hotel, and online two of the Venezuelan crew exposed the conditions of their detention and the implications of this for them and their respective families.

While the defense avoided the irregularity of the process before the appeals chamber of the Argentine justice; contrary to the principles of international law, and to what is stipulated in the Constitution of that South American nation.

Therefore, they trust their allegations will be analyzed and they will receive a response to their request to release the crew within a period of five days and after there is no crime, only assumptions, regarding the charges that were imputed to them by Judge Federico. Villena.

In previous days this act of kidnapping has been condemned by ALBA-TCP, several institutions, personalities of various kinds and the Venezuelan people against the interventionist policy of the United States of appropriating the plane and its crew made up of 19 people, between Venezuelan pilots and Iranians.

This hijacking of the Emtrasur aircraft is part of the interventionist policy of the White House against the Bolivarian Republic, and occurred with the participation of the Airport Security Police (PSA) and agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, acronym in English). ) from the United States (US); based on a mutual legal assistance treaty signed in 1991 between Washington and Buenos Aires.

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