De Mendiguren stressed that the petrochemical industry "it's key" for transformation

"The Government has set as a policy to maintain the purchasing power of the salary"

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The Secretary of Production, José Ignacio de Mendiguren, affirmed that “the Government has set itself the policy of maintaining the purchasing power of wages and going to a stabilization plan, but not as it was historically in Argentina, that the first thing that was attacked was salary”.

“The Salary Council was convened, employers and workers were now convened to discuss parity or a fixed fund, whatever is established, but taking into account preserving the purchasing power of the salary and then maintaining the level of activity,” said the official in radio statements.

According to De Mendiguren, “this is key and this is my responsibility, which is why we are managing in a very finite way the few dollars we have until all these measures arrive, that they give us more freedom to be able to import the inputs that the industry needs. These are the priorities and then the biggest priority is that growth is with everyone inside”.

In this way, the official stressed that the industry has 26 consecutive months of job creation and “so far this year it has generated 7,600 jobs.”

Likewise, De Mendiguren praised the policy carried out by the national government, “It is an absolutely linked model that puts the axis in production and employmentunlike other models that focus on indebtedness and financial speculation, that despite the depth of the crisis, with the war and before with the pandemic, the Government did not hesitate in the middle of the crisis to give us a hand “to the industrial.

The tour of the Minister of Economy

“We are on the way to finally get out of this external strangulation that means the lack of dollars and with scarce international credit,” said the official about Sergio Massa’s trip to the United States.

He highlighted the measures resolved by the Ministry of Economy such as the debt swap and “the agreement with the seed sector that will advance 5,000 million in the course of this month so that we have more firmness in international reserves”, and added the fact of “being able to unlock the negotiations that were held with the international financial sectors”.

In this way, he pointed out that Massa seeks to “channel investments from the sector, be it in my sector, which is the industrial sector. They have signed, among others, an agreement for an investment that already starts with 250 million dollars in Mar del Plata for the production and export of potato derivatives, with 90% destined for export.”

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