They demand Alberto Fernández to end the "accomplice silence" in the face of the crimes of Daniel Ortega

They demand Alberto Fernández to end the “accomplice silence” in the face of the crimes of Daniel Ortega

The members of the Argentine Forum for Democracy in the Region (FADER) repudiated the abuses of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo against the Nicaraguan opposition. They denounce that the repressive actions “deepen the regime of terror and violation of human rights” in the country.

In a releasethe body highlighted the case of young people Mildred Rayo, Miguel Flores Y Hilfrem Saborio, who yesterday, January 30, the Ortega justice sentenced to eight and 10 years in prison, respectively.

“These are innocent young people whose lives are in danger and are added to a long list of political prisoners that the Nicaraguan regime began to compile since the 2018 protests when they murdered more than 300 people,” he said.

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The three young men were arrested on November 1st, during a search carried out by the Nicaraguan Army in the vicinity of the Sapoá River, in Cárdenas, in the department of Rivas. The new hostages of the dictatorship have been held for three months in the cells of District Three of the Police in Managua.

The Argentine Forum also highlighted the situation of the relatives of opposition member Javier Álvarez. “A few days ago, also, the dictatorship sentenced the entire family of opposition member Javier Álvarez Zamora to prison. Not being able to capture him, since he managed to escape the country, they arrested and sentenced three innocent people, “he denounced.

The Ortega regime sentenced eight years in prison to Jeannine Horvilleur Cuadra Y Ana Carolina Alvarez Horvilleurwife and daughter respectively of Álvarez.

He was also sentenced to 10 years in prison. Felix Roiz Sotomayor, opponent’s son-in-law The three political prisoners were detained by the Ortega Police on September 13.

Ortega’s six hostages were charged and sentenced for the alleged crimes of conspiracy to undermine national integrity and propagation of false news, two legal instruments used to repress, imprison, and silence dissident voices and critics of the regime.

Faced with these repressive actions, the organization pointed out that “we are facing an unlimited escalation by Ortega that must be strongly condemned by all democrats in the world.”

Likewise, he demanded the government of Argentina, led by Alberto Fernández, to internationally condemn these human rights violations. “You cannot continue to be an accomplice to the opprobrium and crimes against an entire people,” he stressed.

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