If there is an agreement, I will participate in the surveys, says Monreal

▲ Senator Ricardo Monreal, in the fifth round of the session, was well received in the plenary session of his co-religionists in the Chamber of Deputies.Photo Cristina Rodriguez

Enrique Mendez and Georgina Saldierna

Newspaper La Jornada
Tuesday, January 31, 2023, p. 4

Invited to the plenary meeting of Morena deputies, Senator Ricardo Monreal Ávila insisted yesterday that the ideal method to define the presidential candidate is a primary election, but he assured that he would participate in a survey if three main polls with two mirrors per part of independent companies.

If we agree with the polls, of course, I will honor the resulthe added when announcing that the bill on the plan B and turned to commissions.

The president of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate was well received in the plenary session of the deputies, since there were no boos or whistles against him and instead he received applause on several occasions. they treated me wellhe acknowledged.

In compliance with the agreement woven over the weekend on the bench to respect the applicants and avoid the clapsometer, the deputies asked strong questions, but in a considered tone. Among them, he was questioned for putting the law before justice, having expressions against the pre-candidate for the governorship of Morena in the state of Mexico and making statements that seem to belong to the opposition.

Monreal responded that the limit between what is legal and what is fair has been a matter of discussion throughout history, but I stick with the law and the rule of law because they are the soul of society.

I’m not going to betray myself so that you feel comfortable. I prefer the law and that is not against the President in any wayadded the senator, who gave his co-religionists his presidential project, a text with the minutes pending in Congress and his recent book To err is human, to rectify is political.

Monreal assured that his statements about Delfina Gómez in which he alludes to the tithe that he charged the Texcoco workers were edited and taken out of context, for which he asked that the entire interview be seen. He added that he will go to Gomez’s campaign because he deserves and should win. I love her very much and perhaps I should take more care of my positionI agree.

Regarding the contest for Morena’s presidential candidacy, he said he was not naive and if his name was included in the letter that the party leader sent to the governors, asking for a level playing field for all the candidates, it is because President Andrés Manuel López Obrador authorized it.

However, the senator added that a lot of political will is required to level the playing field, set fair rules, and not use public and private resources illegally. But It’s a good start.

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