They deliver sanitary supplies, medicines and investments in aqueducts in Chiriquí

More than 180 patients receiving chemotherapy at the Rafael Hernández hospital will now be treated at the oncology clinic that was inaugurated in this hospital center.

Yesterday the health authorities in conjunction with the President of the Republic Laurentino Cortizo, delivered surgical equipment, medication, wheelchairs and support materials to the rural aqueducts of the Chiriquí health region, these deliveries have an investment of almost one million Balboas .

According to the authorities, as part of the hive plan, a delivery was made yesterday and with an investment of 17,150 balboas in disinfection equipment, supplies, pipes and accessories for the improvement of the rural aqueducts of the Bugaba district, for the benefit of 22,200 inhabitants.

They explained that there were 10 chlorinator units, 200 sections of 2-inch pipe, 50 sections of 11/2-inch pipe, and 2,500 hypochlorite tablets.

In addition, the Ministry of Health delivered, to the Health region of Chiriquí, several lines of medicines, surgical materials, forms of 900 thousand balboas.
They also granted materials for laboratories for 548,223.49 Balboas, surgical medications for an amount of 67,094.28 Balboas, among others.

It should be noted that in terms of health infrastructure and as part of the policy of
improvement and construction of health facilities, the Minsa invested
in 2021 more than B/.1.3 million and by 2022 the sum reaches
B/.1.1 million for a total investment of B/.2.4 million.

In human resources, 55 new officials have been appointed between
doctors (10); nurses (11); nursing technicians (6); educators
for health (5); drivers (10), data collectors (3), coordinators
of Foris (3), maternity home assistants (2), facilitators of the
PACO intervention (2) and vector technician (1).

Regarding the Beehive Plan in that region, the Minsa assigned B/.1.2
million within the Integrated Networks Strengthening Program
of Health (Foris) for the benefit of 17,684 people; They were also assigned
additional funds to strengthen Contigo la Red de salud
indigenous and rural for B/.70,846.50 to empower and encourage the
community participation promoting informed demand.

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