Miguel Mendoza is serving 300 days in prison under "torture and cruel treatment"

Miguel Mendoza continues in a punishment cell and with health problems

After 40 days of incommunicado detention, relatives of the sports journalist and now a political prisoner, miguel mendozawere able to visit him for the seventh time at the Judicial Assistance Directorate (DAJ) in Managua, where he has been held since June 21, 2021, for alleged “treason against the country.”

The judicial authorities, under the orders of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega, allowed on Friday, April 29, that his life partner, Margin Pozo, and one of his brothers could see Mendoza for two hours.

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“Don’t think it’s a “family visit” either, we are watched all the time and harassed by photographers and cameramen since we entered reception,” denounced Margin Pozo.

Ramón Mendoza, brother of the prisoner of conscience, said that “it was a joy to be able to hug him, tell him how the family is, mainly tell him how his daughter is.”

Police continue to interrogate Miguel Mendoza despite the fact that the Ortega justice has already sentenced him
Police continue to interrogate Miguel Mendoza despite the fact that the Ortega justice has already sentenced him

Regarding the current conditions in which the sports chronicler finds himself, Mendoza reported that “things remain the same or worse” because he told them that he has high blood pressure problems. “That worries us because it can cause problems later.”

He stressed that the situations are worse for Miguel Mendoza because he is no longer taken to the medical clinic inside “El Nuevo Chipote”, but it is the doctor who comes to his cell to check his health situation. “That worries us because there are more restrictions,” he noted.

He remains in a punishment cell with low weight

For her part, Margin Pozo, Mendoza’s life partner, said that the political prisoner is still in a punishment cell and is still underweight, currently weighing 152 pounds.

He also indicated that they only take him out to sunbathe once a week and that the diet “is not the best, nor is it indicated for a chronic patient (diabetes and uric acid)”.

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Regarding the earthquake that occurred on April 21, he said that Mendoza explained that there was no action protocol. “They didn’t even bother to open the cell doors.”

To date, the 52-year-old prisoner of conscience continues to request to see his daughter, after being denied by the Ortega justice system, despite the fact that even his relatives have requested that they be allowed to meet.

Harassment during the hearing

Another of the complaints made by Margin Pozo was that during the visit, as has happened in the previous ones, they were forced to remove their masks to take photographs and videos.

«The reviews before entering the room where he is are extreme, they practically undress you. It is humiliating and while we were talking with him (Miguel Mendoza), they interrupted us to tell us to avoid hugs or closeness. We ask them, how does that affect them?

Journalist Miguel Mendoza is celebrating his birthday, locked up in the cells of
Journalist Miguel Mendoza spent his birthday locked up in the cells of “El Chipote.” Photo: Article 66 / Courtesy

Despite all the restrictions and violations of their rights, Miguel Mendoza’s relatives affirm that they will continue to demand his freedom. «He is a journalist, not a criminal. Today he turns 313 days of being subjected to four walls, “added Pozo.

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Mendoza has been captive since June 21, 2021. One day after his arrest, police officers raided his home. According to his wife, the only things they could take that day were the cell phones and a camera (damaged) that the political prisoner had had as a souvenir for seven years.

On February 16, the Ortega dictatorship sentenced him to nine years in prison. He was also disqualified during the same period from holding public office.

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