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They deliver ovicaprine stallions to southern entities

The director of Livestock led the event.

The General Directorate of Livestock (Digega) – through the Directorate of Extension and Livestock Development – delivered pimps of the Katahdin and Pelibuey breeds to producers from associations of Elías Piña, Pedernales and Independencia.
The organizations benefiting from the copies are the Association of Ovicaprine Producers of Elías Piña and of La Reveierta-Independencia province, while for the Pedernales province they were delivered to the Association of Cattlemen of the Municipal District Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez and the Association of Producers of Farming of Sitio Nuevo and Quemao.

The delivery activity, coordinated by the deputy director Milton Núñez, was carried out at the facilities of the Southwest Livestock Regional Directorate, located in Arroyo Loro, San Juan de la Maguana.

Project 02 “Strengthening Ovicaprine Rearing in the Border Region of the Dominican Republic” seeks the strengthening and comprehensive development of populations with high levels of poverty through the raising and production of sheep and goats, creating sustainable livelihoods to increase income of producers and avoid migration from those rural places.

Fulfilling one of the objectives of the initiative -said a press release- 21 sheep stallions acquired by Digega were delivered. This will benefit raising animals with a higher production capacity and a high genetic value. Geovanny Molina, general director of Livestock, promised to continue developing the project’s objectives with technical assistance.

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