They declare viable proposal that would modify the Law on Municipal Regime

Sergio Rivera / Radio Panama

The National Assembly gave its endorsement to a citizen initiative that seeks to implement the participation of people physically or remotely in the meetings of the Municipal Councils, prior confirmation up to one hour before the start of sessions.

The proposal identified with the number 300, was presented on March 17 before the Citizen Participation office by citizens Luis Pinedo and Candy Chen, with the intention of ensuring that people can have access to the meetings of the Municipal Councils of their respective districts without prior request for room courtesies. This would include allowing interested individuals to submit initiatives for discussion by their local authorities.

Until now, the Municipal Regime does not contemplate remote citizen participation.

One of its proponents, the leader Luis Pinedo, of the Citizen Consultation Movement, mentioned that if the corresponding processes in the Legislative Body are fulfilled and the presidential sanction is achieved, the virtual transmission of sessions of the Municipal Councils will be mandatory. to facilitate the intervention of people in debates on issues that concern their communities, as well as participatory budgets.

The citizen initiative is awaiting adoption by a legislative commission.

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