Regime deported the musical producer Leonardo Canales, director of La Anteala

Regime deported the musical producer Leonardo Canales, director of La Anteala

Music producer Leonardo Canales, director of La Anteala, was deported by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo “to his country of origin”, after being kidnapped last Tuesday, April 12, in a police raid that included the band’s vocalist. Monroy and Surmenage, Josué Monroy, and the musical producers Salvador Espinoza and Xóchilt Tapia.

“From La Anteala we inform that our director and colleague Leonardo Canales has been deported to his country of origin and has arrived safely,” says the brief statement.

In the statement they also report that “we close our cultural space and thank the artists and the public who accompanied us during this tour.”

La Anteala was defined as “an audiovisual space for the promotion and historical memory of the Nicaraguan music scene.”

Sources close to Canales indicated that he is half Costa Rican and therefore was deported to Costa Rica. The Italian artist Emilia Arienti, who was given 48 hours by the Ortega-Murillo regime to leave the country, was also expelled from Nicaragua.

No information about the other abductees

Six agents of the National Police raided the house of musician Josué Monroy on Holy Thursday for the second time, and took the musical instruments that remained in the home located in Altamira, he told CONFIDENTIAL a source close to the musician who witnessed the moment the uniformed men arrived.

After his catch on tuesdayMonroy’s relatives confirmed that their relative is illegally detained in the Judicial Assistance cells, known as El Chipote.

To date, the hostages have not been presented by the authorities, nor have they explained the reason for their arrest more than 48 days after their arrest.

“They came back on Thursday and when they left, like 90 minutes later, they had their guitars, amps, microphones, cables, speakers, and other smaller items. Earlier (on Tuesday), we saw that they took two laptops, and a camera, but I don’t know what they intend to prove with that. It is irrational, illogical, absurd, because they are artists; They are not criminals, ”considered a relative on condition of anonymity.

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