They declare preventive prison for the son of Senator Monges

The prosecution charged Juan Ariel Monges Espinola, son of Senator Juan Dario Monges (ANR), with preventive detention after he intentionally ran over a young man who, according to his testimony, would have broken into his home to steal.

Judge Ana María Esquivel decreed that the 23-year-old will be confined at the 14th Police Station in Asunción for 5 business days. Monges had run over a young man on Sunday, after he entered his home with the intention of stealing.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning and through a closed-circuit video it was possible to visualize the way in which Juan Ariel Monges hits the integrity of the victim, who would have stolen some lights from the defendant’s home. The corresponding authorities carried out the alcohol test on the driver and it came out negative. As for the victim, he was rushed to the Trauma Hospital, where due to the serious injuries he received, he had to undergo surgery where they had to amputate his right foot.

The mother of the victim also spoke out and claimed Monges’ actions, saying that it was a criminal act, and that if her son did something wrong, the corresponding evidence should be presented. She assured that the victim worked as a driver for Bolt’s platform but that at the moment his vehicle was damaged.

Agustin Saldivar, director of the Trauma Hospital mentioned that the young man is stable after his surgery, he requires continuous monitoring and cures according to the type of amputation to which he was subjected. “He is lucid and stable, but you must wait for his discharge to be issued, once he is in good condition he can go to his house.

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Anibal Gomez, Journalist

Through his twitter account, the journalist Anibal Gómez attacked the Public Ministry, and mentioned that Juan Ariel Monges should have been charged with intentional homicide to an attempted degree, not only for serious injury. “With the test with the closed circuit, it became clear that he could have killed the young man who ended up with an amputated foot. I think there are enough elements for the accusation to be for attempted intentional homicide and not just for serious injury” he mentioned.

Esther Roa, Lawyer

We all saw the facts, he goes against the humanity of a person, he had the intention of producing his death and thanks to the actions of the neighbors it did not become a disgrace; he is privileged from the moment that the prosecutors did not charge him with attempted intentional homicide. They leave him in a police station for five days and then he will be supposedly transferred to Tacumbu, since any chicken thief goes directly to Tacumbu, that is the treatment given to common people; Probably his lawyers are going to appeal to pre-trial detention and the case is going to end there.

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