They declare municipal mourning for the death of teacher Altagracia Matos and Teseo Ramírez Calderón

Altagracia Matos

Through Resolution 011-2022 the Council of Regidores of the Municipal Council of Barahonadeclared this Sunday 06 and Monday 07 March “Municipal Duel” for the death of the UASD teacher and the president of the Board of Support for that academic unit, Altagracia Matos and Don Teseo Ramírez Calderón respectively.

The Council of Regidores unanimously approved the resolution in which it declares “Municipal Duel”, and states that these are two citizens who contributed to the social, academic and political progress of this region, province and municipality of Barahona.

Mictor Fernández De la Cruz, lamented both deaths that occurred in the morning and the night of this Saturday. He said that both Don Teseo Ramírez and Altagracia Matos (Rata), were excellent citizens of this community and that they contributed to Dominican society from the state academy, adding that both deaths mourn Barahona, who has seen two of his best children leave, but that the example and behavior will keep them present in the collective memory.

The trustee extended his condolences and solidarity with each of the families of the deceased.

Teseo Ramírez stood out as an anti-Trujillista fighter, one of the founders in this city of the Revolutionary Movement June 14 (1J4), leader of the PRD, PLD, as well as important civil society organizations.

While Matos, in addition to teaching at the state Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Barahona Campus, was governor of this province in the period 2004-2006, secretary of the municipal council in the administration of former mayor Eddy Mateo Vásquez, in 1990, among other positions and positions.

It is recalled that the deceased was the wife of Antonio Batista Matos (Toño), former director of the UASD Barahona Campus. Because of her functions and because she is a university professor, she will be given a guard of honor at the state academy in Barahona, as well as by members of the Dominican College of Journalists (CDP), an organization of which she was a member.

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