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They criticize that Police kill criminals

The spokesmen, from the block of senators from the Fuerza del Pueblo (FP) party, Dionis Sánchez, and deputies from the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Julio Fulcar, warned this morning that crime and citizen insecurity will not end in the Dominican Republic by killing criminals, because others will emerge later.

They agreed that it is imperative that the authorities establish a comprehensive plan to deal with the worrying citizen insecurity that keeps Dominicans desperate.

Dionis Sanchez

“During the campaign, the Modern Revolutionary Party claimed that if they won the elections in the first two years of their administration, they would eliminate the scourge of citizen insecurity by 50 percent, but now we realize that they do not have a comprehensive plan to deal with the problem.” , held Sanchez.

He added that “the entire society is in a generalized panic, a panic that demands immediate action from the government, not that they come to ask for patience because as long as you have that sacrifice that you have wanted to ask of the population, you can ask for many lives and many are traumatized”.

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He said that a comprehensive plan is currently required to deal with the problem of robbery, robbery and crime “and truly one of the reasons why the population voted for this administration was because a plan was presented to them during the campaign that said that in two years After entering the government, they were going to control 50 percent of what was happening, which is not even close to what is happening today.”

julius fulcar
Julius Fulcar

“Well, the people were patient for these two years to come, but this is already unacceptable and unbearable, and it cannot be postponed one more minute, and ask the population for more patience,” said the also representative of the People’s Force for the province. Flints.

julito fulcar

While Fulcar, spokesman for the PRM in the Chamber of Deputies, maintained that it is necessary for the authorities to control the criminal acts that keep the population desperate.

“Logically, human rights must be respected, respecting the physical integrity and life of citizens, the country’s problem is not solved by killing criminals, every time you kill a criminal, others arise, it is a more comprehensive issue,” he said.

He added that “now I salute and support the police measure of carrying out raids in order to control and bring peace of mind to the Dominican people.”

He maintained that the Police have their mechanism to subdue citizens who resist, at the same time preserving their lives. He added that crime must be confronted, but people’s lives must also be preserved.

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