Dairy industry employees’ union reactivated measures at plants

The Federation of Dairy Industry Workers (FTIL) decided, on the night of this Thursday, June 2, to implement union measures that will be enabled from hour 0 this Friday 3 and from hour 0 this Saturday 4.

The beginning of the measures will depend on what each of the unions that make up the FTIL decides.

In that framework, from the Association of Workers and Employees of Conaprole (AOEC) informed The Observer that in that case work will begin “to regulations” from the hour 0 of this Saturday, June 4.

Working according to regulations implies that overtime will not be done nor will officials be allowed to work in areas other than those in which they usually work.


In a plenary session of the FTIL held this Thursday, it was also decided that On Monday the 6th, there will be a meeting of the expanded table of the FTIL, with the aim of considering the implementation of other measures already decided but without a start date, among them the carrying out of strikes in shifts, assemblies and mobilizations.

Furthermore, in this case, in consensus with workers from the Confederation of Industrial Unions (CSI), a partial strike was scheduled, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. with mobilization, for Thursday, June 9.

This Thursday’s plenary met after Tuesday, May 31, explains a statement from the FTIL, in a meeting within the framework of the Salary Councils and at the initiative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) “once again an abusive peace clause”.

The FTIL statement concludes by pointing out the solidarity of said union organization with officials of the Carpal and Vestisur firms, given the sending of seven workers to unemployment insurance.

Dairy industry employees' union reactivated measures at plants


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