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They confirm the identity of the woman murdered in Ñemby

The woman murdered on a neighborhood road in the La Lomita de Ñemby neighborhood was identified as Ana Paula Jara Acosta, 22 years old. She herself would be from Asunción.

According to a statement by prosecutor Irides Ávila to Universe 970 of Nación Media, the identification of the woman was possible thanks to the intervention of Criminalistics personnel through the Afis System.

He added that it is quite surprising that the young woman’s relatives have not been reported so far. The supposed author would be the couple of the same.

Preliminary data indicates that the young woman received around three bullet wounds in the face, which caused her death.

Neighbors point out that the woman had arrived on a motorcycle to the site in the company of who would be her partner. After a discussion between the two, she herself walked away from her, apparently annoyed, being reached meters later by the man, who decided to shoot at her humanity.


The entrance They confirm the identity of the woman murdered in Ñemby was first published in diary TODAY.

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