They confirm that Agustín Moirera, the Ofena meteorologist, is still in "delicate" health

They confirm that Agustín Moirera, the Ofena meteorologist, is still in “delicate” health

The Observatory of Natural Phenomena (Ofena) confirmed that the agro-meteorologist, engineer Agustín Moreira Chiong, is in poor health.

For several days, Moreira Chiong, was admitted to an Intensive Care room of the Military Hospital, where he was transferred from his native León and according to a statement from Ofena, despite the fact that his state of health is delicate, he is stable.

“Despite the fact that Engineer Moreira’s condition is delicate, he is stable and conscious, receiving adequate medical treatment and in constant visits from his wife and daughter,” the monitoring body reported in a statement.

Love demonstrations

In the document, the Observatory of Natural Phenomena thanks all those who have made financial contributions for the recovery of the agro-meteorologist, as a sign of appreciation and affection.

«In publications of national media and social networks, the personal bank accounts of Engineer Moreira have been provided, where the samples of economic support have been received, if essential for doubts, they can be communicated by email [email protected]», read in the statement.

Recently, on social networks, some users called for days of prayers to ask for the health of Don Agustín, who daily provides details to the media about climate behavior in Nicaragua.

“We appreciate the words, prayers and good wishes of all the people who have approached their relatives, as well as we greatly appreciate each of the doctors, nurses and staff who have collaborated with their medical care,” Ofena detailed in his statement.

await recovery

“We hope that Mr. Moreira can have a speedy recovery and continue to provide his noble service to the Nicaraguan population,” the document adds.

Despite the fact that the statement does not detail the type of illness that afflicts engineer Moreira, the OFENA members indicated that they will leave it to the doctors’ discretion to provide more details about the evolution of Don Agustín’s health.

«This information is published with the consent of Eng. Moreira. Other details are left to the discretion of his family and doctors to report, “the document ends.

By: United Voices.

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