He drugged two colleagues and raped them

He drugged two colleagues and raped them

An 18-year-old man allegedly drugged two co-workers and proceeded to sexually abuse them inside their home.

The information is contained in an official report from the municipal police of Valencia (Carabobo) where it is indicated that the detainee is registered as Yubert Daniel Rodríguez Salas, captured in a house in the La Viña urbanization where he lived as a tenant.

The arrest occurs after a call made by the victims on VEN911 to the Prebo police station and in which they reported the incident.

A Polivalencia commission went to the site and entered the house where Yubert was together with the 18 and 19-year-old victims, who are his co-workers, according to the report.

Based on testimonies collected, Yubert offered the women “energy drinks with a high degree of alcohol, to which he presumably added some other psychotropic substance,” according to Polivalencia. As soon as the women were doped, Yubert took the opportunity to abuse them.

But when the victims came to, they filed the complaint through VEN911.

The detainee was brought before a control court, where the Public Ministry accused him of crimes contemplated in the Organic Law on the Right of Women to a Life Free of Violence.


In another procedure, police officers from the Simón Rodríguez (El Tigre) municipality, Anzoátegui, captured two men, accused of sexually abusing a woman who has an autism spectrum condition.

The men are identified as Richard Sánchez (50) and William Suárez (53), who kidnapped Damaris Cacique (34) and held her in a house for two days, according to police reports.

The victim screamed and was heard by her sister, who rescued her. The woman herself was half naked and with signs of having been abused.

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