They commemorate 90 years of the Chinese colony of Holguín

With a day of activities that included tributes, research, exhibitions and traditional dances, the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Colony of Holguín was celebrated this weekend.

Among the activities, the event “Chinese presence in Holguín province” stood out at the institution’s headquarters, a suitable space to address the Chinese legacy in Holguin history and culture.

The meeting recalled the extraordinary work as a cultural promoter of President Gloria Chin Alonso, recently deceased, whose management marked the beginning of the mandate of the descendants, since until now it had been directed only by Chinese natives.

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Dr. José Sanjurjo identified the multiple stages of medical care and related health promotion to Chinese medicine and its preventive work based on observation.

In addition, the exhibitions “Ave Fénix” were held, by the creation group Los dragoncillos, by the art instructor Teresa Escalona and “IX decades of the Chinese Colony”, by Maura Ley Pin, historian of this institution, who outlined the development of Chinese culture from the arrival of the first emigrants to today.

The old Market Square, today part of the Plaza de La Marqueta Cultural Complex, witnessed the constitution of the Association of Descendants of the Chinese Colony, in 1932, with Ignacio Wong as its first president.

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