They commemorate 216 years of the National Flag and anniversary of the GNB

They commemorate 216 years of the National Flag and anniversary of the GNB

Activities to commemorate the 216 years of the National Flag and the 85th anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB).

The activity, reviewed by AVN, was headed by the Minister of People’s Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, A/J, Remigio Ceballos; the commanding general of the GNBJuvenal Fernández López, the National Commander of the People’s Guard, Danny Ramón Ferrer, among other authorities.

Fernández López made a review of the arrival of the national tricolor on the ship Leander, to be hoisted for the first time on the Vela de Coro by the Generalissimo, Francisco de Miranda.

Likewise, he highlighted that it was Commander Hugo Chávez who made the name of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela official, and reformed the National Symbols Law to adopt a new Coat of Arms and National Flag.

Eighth star in the National Flag

As will be remembered, on March 9, 2006, the National Assembly approved the inclusion of the eighth star in the National Flag, representing the province of Guayana and in honor of Simón Bolívar’s decree of November 20, 1817.

On August 21 of that same year, August 3 was made official as Flag Day.

«This decision was combined with the well-deserved recognition of Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda and the forerunners and forgers of a free and sovereign Homeland. 216 years later, it remains hoisted, undefeated and admired in the world, as a benchmark of struggle, battle and victory”, indicated the GNB commander.

Likewise, he declared that as part of the 85th of that military body, “we have come full of feeling to raise our most sublime patriotic symbol and make this offering, before the majesty of the Liberator, to pay tribute to the legacy that he left us, which is made up of a collection of documents where his dazzling vision of the future remains alive».

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