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They close boiler factory in Santo Domingo Este

They close boiler factory in Santo Domingo Este

Agents of the National Environmental Protection Service (Senpa) closed this Wednesday a factory of cauldrons operating illegally in the sector The tamarindin the town Santo Domingo Eastin the Santo Domingo province.

According to a press release, the suspension of operations was carried out due to complaints from the local resident, due to the emanation of smoke with lead produced by the equipment manufactured there.

“The agents of Senpa arrived at the factory cauldronsafter complaints from residents about the lead-contaminated smoke, the noise and the danger of fire,” the document detailed.

Francisco Contreras, owner of the business, was notified to report to the provincial office of Environmentin order to respond to the authorities for violation of Law 64-00 on Environment and Natural Resources.

The operation was carried out on the instructions of the director general of the SenpaAmbiorix de Jesús Cepeda Hernández, and executed by the operations coordinator Lieutenant Colonel Ángel M. Gutiérrez Cabrera and the provincial director Pablo Heredia Mercedes.

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