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They charge the mother of the missing child in Barrio Obrero

The mother of the 12-year-old boy was charged by the Public Ministry for violating the duty of care.

Prosecutor Fátima Girala confirmed the indictment of Josefina Ozuna, mother of the missing child, and also requested alternative measures to prison for her.

“Because of the versions given by the mother and children, doubts began about the real state of abandonment in which the child was. One of her daughters recognized that her mother was no longer living in the house and that the child was left in the care of her older brothers, “said the prosecutor in an interview with Universe 970 of Nación Media.

He added that all the elements were sufficient to formulate the accusation, while the search for the minor who has been missing for almost two weeks continues. He was last seen in the area of ​​his home in Barrio Obrero.

Any information that could help locate the child, call the 911 System, the nearest Police Station or Prosecutor’s Office, or the Sector 1 Prosecutor’s Office on Félix Bogado almost 21 Projected.

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