They charge a young man for abusing a minor on a bus

Justice processed the accusation of a young man after he was denounced for sexually abusing a young minor while both were aboard an interdepartmental bus that made the journey between Paysandú and Montevideo.

The events took place on January 27 this year. The minor said that after getting on her bus, a stranger sat next to her who “subjected her to her low desires by touching her private parts while she slept.”

Upon arrival in the country’s capital, the victim told her father what had happened and he appeared before the judicial headquarters to file the complaint. The Prosecutor’s Office became aware of the situation and charged the 25-year-old with the initials REDL for a crime of aggravated sexual abuse.

The Justice ordered a precautionary measure of house arrest for a period of 120 days with authorization to go out to work. Now the case will continue its course until the beginning of the oral process is set.

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