Certifican a caraqueños como embajadores de paz

They certify Caracas as ambassadors of peace

The National School of Human Rights (Enaddhh), of the Juan Vives Suriá Foundation, certified the participants of the first cohort of the Ambassadors for Peace Course.

At the event, held in the main hall of the Municipal Palace of Caracas, the document was received by 40 citizens, trained and certified as ambassadors of peace, who will be in charge of: disseminating the Citizen Coexistence Ordinance, once it is issued, and promoting constitutional rights and guarantees in the 22 parishes of the capital city.

In this regard, the ombudsman, Alfredo Ruiz, assured that the certified ambassadors will promote justice, healthy coexistence and the peaceful resolution of conflicts in the communities.

Likewise, the public defender indicated that the justices of the peace in this constituency will be elected later.

This Training Program for Communal Peace Ambassadors was created to guide and direct the development of the communities, communes and communal councils of the 22 parishes that make up the Libertador municipality, through the understanding and practice of a democratic culture and respect for human rights, according to the Ombudsman’s Office on its website.


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