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They catch a “commando” with war material

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One of the gunmen of the criminal organization founded by Darwin Antonio Rivas García (El Cagón) was captured in the Monte Libre sector, Baralt municipality (San Timoteo), Zulia state, according to military sources.

The captured man is identified as Yordan Aliandro Páez Artigas (El Pastor), who is being investigated for the crime of robbery, according to file No. MP-117389-23. At the time of capture, the subject was carrying a Bryco Arms pistol, Jennings Nine, 9 mm caliber, two pistol magazines, 69 cartridges for 7.62×39 mm caliber rifles, four radio transmitters, four chargers for radio transmitters and two magazine bags, material which was seized.

In the procedure, two trucks were also seized: a Ford F-250, license plate A64AT4F and another Chevrolet Tahoe license plate AB631IU, which, when verified by the Integrated Police Information System (Siipol), turned out to be requested by the Theft and Investigation Axis. Theft of Vehicles from Zulia state, through file No. K22-0430-00314 dated 04/14/22.


The El Cagón organization is dedicated to extortion against producers from Trujillo and Zulia, according to investigations. Alias ​​El Pastor was handed over to the Public Ministry where they opened a file for organized crime and terrorism, according to the report of the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) No. 23 and the Trujillo police.

And on the Pan-American highway at the height of the Metropolitan Cemetery, in the San Felipe-Marín direction, Yaracuy state, there was a confrontation with two armed individuals, according to a report by agents of the Bolivarian National Guard attached to the Urban Security Detachment (Desur) 40.

The wounded were transferred to the Central Hospital of San Felipe, being identified as Luis Rafael Oviedo de Lucas (bullet in the left buttock) and Anderlis Antonio Arriechi Romero, an active Cicpc official who died from two shots. The subjects were traveling on a Bera motorcycle and carrying a Pietro Beretta 90 TWO pistol, 9 mm caliber, according to the report.

The Public Ministry was notified of the procedure.

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