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Boxer from Matagalpa dies after his debut in Nicaraguan boxing

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Boxer from Matagalpa dies after his debut in Nicaraguan boxing

the boxer Keyving Magdiel Hernandez Gonzalez23 years old, originally from El Tuma-La Dalia, Matagalpa, died at one in the morning this Thursday, July 6, after the consequences of a knockout in his debut, on March 26.

Mayra González, aunt of the young prospect, told Article 66 that after his defeat, Hernández González decided to rest. In April he returned to training, but on the 18th of the same month he presented seizures, for which he was transferred to the Lenin Fonseca Hospital in Managua, where he spent a month and 19 days in the intensive care unit, due to a brain hemorrhage. .

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Later he was discharged, however, at the end of June he had complications again, for which he was taken to the Matagalpa Regional Hospital, where he was admitted for a week.

On Thursday, June 29, Keyving Hernández was transferred to his home. His relative explained that after the injuries presented, the young man had lost the mobility of his body and speech; he only moved his left hand and leg and ate through a tube.

Boxer Keyving Hernández loses his life after his debut.

“Yesterday I fed him, but then I saw him very tired and today at dawn he passed away,” lamented Mayra González, who reported that the funeral will be tomorrow, Friday, in the municipal cemetery of La Dalia.

“It was a very difficult situation, he suffered a lot, but thank God he is resting now,” added the relative of the pinolero boxer, who according to his acquaintances, aspired to become world champion.

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Hernández’s last fight, the one that would cause him an injury that led to his death, was against Bryan Market, in a boxing evening, organized by Gemelo Promotions, owned by Félix Alvarado.

«Thanks to all the people who asked about my nephew and supported us. Now we have to give thanks to God who is our consolation, “concluded Mayra González.

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