They carry out transmission of command of Strategic Regions of the FANB

During the act of transmission of command of the Strategic Regions of Integral Defense (REDI), held in Caracas this Friday, the Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino López, called for discipline and unity to continue the battle for the victory of the definitive independence of Venezuela.

In his speech, Padrino López recognized the work carried out by the military authorities of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), for their dedication to the country in defense of the Republic and the democratic constitutional order with the firm objective of maintaining the unity of the country.

“The gratitude to its soldiers will always be beating in the heart of Venezuela for everything they have done to keep the Republic, the country, uphold our Constitution, enforce our democratic process,” he said.

Militia: maximum organization and commitment

Padrino López also requested maximum attention in the organization, deployment of the Bolivarian Militia, before which he urged the different military factors maximum coordination and harmonization among all to develop power in the Integral Defense Regions.

“I ask the commanders for maximum attention, organization and projection of the Bolivarian Militia,” he said.

Likewise, I ask for maximum coordination and harmonization between the factors that develop power in the integral defense regions, maximum articulation”, he stated.

“Let no one step on anyone’s poncho. Maximum discipline and unity ”, he reiterated.

When remembering the distinguished Francisco de Miranda, the Minister for Defense stressed that here in Venezuela there are generals and weapons.

“Everything depends on us, so in that sense our hero admired for his universal character called us and we are called to unite for combat and victory,” he said.

Impeccable Operation: Illegal Mining

Regarding the work carried out by the Strategic Operational Command (Ceofanb), Minister Padrino López stressed that it has been an impeccable operation that has managed to eliminate illegal mining in the national territory.

“We have had an impeccable operation in cleaning up illegal mining, highly effective in the institutional morale of the GNB. I congratulate the entire Ceofanb and wish a lot of success to those who take on new responsibilities, ”he added.

He demanded that the military “see the horizon in the background and see the homeland drawn and that everything that is done in the territory be paid to the freedom of the homeland.”

Likewise, he asked the territorial defensive system to comply with the rules of the Region Commanders, and to maintain the commitment to develop and consolidate the militia in all its expressions in integral defense.

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