Public Space Operation ends with at least four injured: a merchant has a cut on his hand that reaches the bone

Public Space Operation ends with at least four injured: a merchant has a cut on his hand that reaches the bone

July 14, 2023, 20:45 PM

July 14, 2023, 20:45 PM

A municipal operation carried out this Friday afternoon in La Ramada ended with at least four people injured. Two of them serious.

Robert and Blanca were working in the store they have in a commercial in the La Ramada area, when a group of municipal officials arrived to observe that they had merchandise on the sidewalk. However, the sidewalk is a public space and that, called unfolding, is not allowed.

Blanca says that, when applying for their operating license, they asked for permission to use the public space; supposedly they would have obtained permission to do so and that this is what they told the officials who went to carry out checks this Friday.

However, according to his version, the officials were aggressive, yelled at them and threw their things on the ground. That caused Robert to get angry and push one of them. From then on everything was hit, shoved and cut… They don’t know how it happened, but Robert ended up with a deep gash on his left hand. Blanca refers that the officials ran away and went to the municipal offices of the exterminal.

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The doctor who saw him indicated that the cut it practically reached the bone and affected arteries, veins and tendons. He must be operated on urgently, because he has lost a lot of blood and is losing mobility in his fingers. Needs Bs 8,500 to be treated in a private clinic and enter surgery; but it is not an option for him, because he does not have that amount.

His family tried to transfer him to the San Juan de Dios hospital, but due to the shift change, They told him they couldn’t receive it. They don’t accept it in Japanese either, because they ask you to have a reference from the second level. They won’t let you out of the clinic until you present an acceptance note from another health center.

Blanca narrates that she went to the Citizen Security offices, which are in the exterminal, but that They did not allow him to enter and that they “closed the doors” in the face”. She wanted someone to take care of her husband’s injury. She also had no luck at the adjoining police station, where she wanted to make the complaint. They told her that she should go to the Felcc offices.

For his part, the lawyer for Espacio Público, Herland Talavera, reported that this Friday in a routine operation in La Ramada, three officials of that department were injured, one serious. They have already filed a complaint with the police.

According to the lawyer, the officials carried out their routine checks in a recovered area, such as La Ramada, to clear the public space of wandering and unfoldingthat is, merchandise that is on the sidewalks and obstructs pedestrian traffic.

Assaulted municipal official filed a complaint with the Police

However, at some point the merchants -according to the municipal version- they became aggressive, there was a struggle, they fell on a display case and one of the officials was attacked by the merchants, while he was lying on the ground; received blows and kicks. As a consequence, the worker has a head injury and bruises on his face.

Assaulted municipal official filed a complaint with the Police
Assaulted municipal official filed a complaint with the Police

Faced with this aggression, officials They ran and took refuge in the offices of the exterminal. Talavera points out that the doors of that building were closed because the mob was enraged, shouting and using sticks and throwing stones.

Regarding Robert’s case, he indicated that he will be informed to the corresponding authorities, that will take appropriate measures because until that moment they had no knowledge of the case.

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