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They carry out a march “Cultivate your rights” through the Alameda de Santiago

This day marks the sixteenth version of the “Cultivate Your Rights” march, organized by Movimental and supported by the Daya Foundation, from Plaza Baquedano, radio reported Cooperative.

The demonstration is carried out under the slogan “Against Drug Trafficking, Cultivate your Rights, Regulation for Peace”, in which different authorities participate, such as deputy Ana María Gazmuri (Humanist Action), and her peers Karol Cariola (PC), Boris Barrera (PC), Tomás Hirsch (AH), and the Undersecretary of National Assets, Marilen Cabrera.

“As adult and medicinal users of cannabis, we seek to advance regulation for peace and show that we are thousands,” they said.

“The firepower of traffickers is fueled by a million dollars a day spent by users of the three substances with the highest prevalence of consumption in Chile. 80% corresponds to cannabis,” said deputy Gazmuri on her social networks.

He added that 70% of the arrests by law 20,000 correspond to lack of possession, consumption and cultivation for personal use, and not to the crimes of trafficking and micro-trafficking.

“States that have changed the focus of their drug policies recognize that drug prohibition has generated more drug trafficking, organized crime, human rights violations, and corruption of authorities, judges, and police,” he said.

“We must reduce the space of the informal market for cannabis or drug trafficking. Based on international experience, Law 20,000 must be reformed so that the recreational use of cannabis is legal for adults.”

Carabineros reported that traffic diversions are made in part of Providencia and Alameda, between Eliodoro Yáñez and Toro Mazote, due to the march.

As the participants move, those streets that are not being used by pedestrians will be enabled.

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