They neutralize ELN terrorist action in the Catatumbo area

They neutralize ELN terrorist action in the Catatumbo area

In the middle of operations, soldiers of the Second Division of the National Army, achieve the neutralization of a terrorist actionwhich apparently would be perpetrated by members of the ELN, in the rural area of ​​Tibú.

The National Army reported that the events occurred close to the La Báscula military base, which is located in the village of Campo Dos, at a time when the soldiers carried out searches in the area, located 13 improvised means of launching and six handcrafted grenadesfour of 120m and two of 81m.

“Thanks to the articulated work between the Army, the Police, the Air Force and the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, the neutralization of a terrorist action that was directed against the civilian population and the Public Force in the village of Campo Dosmunicipality of Tibú,” said General Fabio Leonardo Caro Cancelado, commander of the Specific Command of Norte de Santander.

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The military immediately secured the area and proceeded to validate the explosives, managing to neutralize this terrorist action that the National Liberation Army intended to commit.

“It is noteworthy that these explosives would have initiation by control cableand they were located a few meters from the houses that are adjacent to the military base, ”said an anti-explosives expert.

On the other hand, in Tibú, in the urban area, after the attack in which the regular soldier, Michael David Ramírez Jiménez, died, 15 means of launching were found that would have been used to attack the military days ago, they were in the La Invasión sector, which is located just 600 meters from the military garrison.

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The Institution rejected these facts, since these launching means are installed near homes, using the civilian population as a shield, so that the military cannot react to a terrorist action.

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