They capture in the Valley the alleged murderer of patrolman Luis Edilberto Ocampo

They capture in the Valley the alleged murderer of patrolman Luis Edilberto Ocampo

The authorities were on the trail of Fabián Alberto Pedrozo for eight months, the man allegedly involved in the murder of a police patrolman, in events that occurred on Sunday, August 29, 2021, in Bogotá.

The Metropolitan Police captured him as the alleged responsible for the homicide of patrolman Luis Edilberto Ocampo Ramos, when he was carrying out a procedure to close an establishment in the El Triangulo neighborhood of the town of Suba.

The cash defended the life of an officer whom they intended to attack, in the middle of this fight. Patrolman Ocampo was wounded in his back with a sharp weapon and despite the fact that he received medical attention at the La Colina Clinic, he died due to the severity of the wound.

The intelligence activities put the eyes of the investigators in the municipality of Jamundí, where the criminal was hiding from the authorities, avoiding attracting attention and limiting their proximity to people, as well as going out into public space.

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Despite this, the investigative units and the National Model of Community Surveillance by Quadrants, They managed to locate and capture him when he was moving along one of the roads in the Ciro Velasco neighborhood of Jamundí.

The arrest warrant was issued on December 15. by the Prosecutor’s Office 228 Sectional Life Unit of Bogotá.

The alleged aggressor was left at the disposal of the competent authority, which He sent him to jail for the crime of aggravated homicide.

remember that on the day of the homicide, one of those implicated in the patrolman’s death had already been captured in flagrante delicto, but the man captured today, also implicated in the crime, managed to flee.

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Luis Edilberto, a native of Villavicencio, was murdered at the age of 24. He had entered the Police training school in 2018, and before that, in 2015 he had been an assistant in his native Villavicencio. During this period he had already received 19 compliments for his work.

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