Mandubí La Arenera Rivera

They capture in Brazil the suspect of a femicide in “La Arenera” de Rivera

The Police of Porto Alegre, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) arrested a 55-year-old man whom the Rivera authorities had been looking for for seven months for being the main suspect in the murder of a woman whose body they found in a Sawmill in the “La Arenera” area.

The fact transpired on November 15 from last year. That day, two workers from a sawmill located in the Mandubí neighborhood went to work when they saw a padlocked door. The fact seemed unusual to them, given that the door was always open, so they decided to turn around to see into the room through a crack. After looking out, the people saw a body lying on the floor, before which they decided to call the Police.

The agents arrived, broke the chain and entered the room inside which the body of a 31-year-old woman lay dead. The victim was the partner of a 55-year-old man who rented a room for housing in the same building. The man has three criminal records, two of them corresponding to the crime of personal injury and the remaining to one of homicide.

Identification as a suspected murderer and capture

The authorities reviewed the security cameras in the area and were able to see when the victim met with the suspect in front of the “La Arenera” square. Then, they walked to the sawmill located on Víctor Ruiz and Magalí Herrera. After entering the dwelling, the man is seen leaving, some time later, with a backpack.

The investigations also revealed that the man was a person with an aggressive history, which on several occasions threatened the woman and other people with death.

With the information collected, the authorities obtained an arrest warrant against the subject. However, he had been absent from the very moment of the events and there was suspicion about his flight to Brazil.

However, the work of the Rivera Police allowed them to find the whereabouts of the man. The suspect was in a transitional home for homeless people in Porto Alegre. Given this situation, the agents contacted the Brazilian Police, who confirmed the information. Once the whereabouts were verified, Uruguay’s Interpol contacted its peer from the neighboring country and they made the arrest of the alleged murderer effective, who was under an international red alert. On the night of June 14, the capture of the man took place, and he remains under administrative arrest pending his extradition.

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