They capture a man in flagrante trying to extort a merchant

They capture a man in flagrante trying to extort a merchant

March 22, 2023, 18:55 PM

March 22, 2023, 18:55 PM

A man was caught red-handed when tried to charge Bs 1,400 for a operating license that does not exceed Bs 270, in a liquor store in the northern part of the city. The complaint has already been filed and the case has been transferred to the anti-corruption division of the Police.

Yanira Ayala, owner of the La Bodeguita Express liquor store, reported that she was notified of having transgressed a rule by having changed address and keep the same operating license from the previous location. “I tried to make this fact known, but there was a demonstration outside the Quinta Municipal and I turned around,” the woman began her story.

It was thus that four municipal officials arrived at his premises on Tuesday, to indicate the procedure that he should follow and the cost that he demands. It caught my attention that (the process) by address change, it costs me more than taking out a new operating license clarifying that the one I have is valid until November. So I called the councilor (Manuel Saavedra),” said the owner of the liquor store.

This Wednesday afternoon, an alleged municipal official arrived at his business to make the respective payment and was rebuked by the councilor.

“The citizen was asking for a lot more for a procedure. They wanted to convince her (to pay more) for time, speed and others. It caught my attention that he was wearing the T-shirt of the Municipal Government. I asked him if he worked at the Mayor’s Office and he told me no; So I asked him again who was sending him and he said that he didn’t know, that he was only doing a favor. It is logical that he is only trying to cover up those above“Remarked the councilor, who accompanied the owner of the liquor store to the Police.

Initially they went to DP-8, in the northern zone. But since the troops realized that it was a crime of corruption, they referred them to Plan Three Thousand.

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