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Captured woman who sold drugs near a high school in Miranda

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Captured woman who sold drugs near a high school in Miranda

Officials from the Anti-Drug Division of the Bolivarian National Police, Valles del Tuy Extension Operational Base, captured a woman who was engaged in distributing narcotics near a high school in the Simón Bolívar sector of Santa Teresa del Tuy, Independencia municipality in Miranda state .

Inspector Rockwerlin Amaya, head of the Anti-Drug Division Base in the Valles del Tuy axis, identified the detainee as Yohana Odalia Márquez Belisario, 39, who was seized with more than 190 portions of narcotic substances.

It revealed that the officers were carrying out tasks inherent to the police service when they saw the citizen sitting outside a house.

He explained that the female, upon noticing the police commission, showed a suspicious and evasive attitude, so the officials immediately proceeded to stop it. “Márquez Belisario ignores the call, flees and tries to enter the interior of the house, which is why the police commission proceeds to catch up with him at the entrance of the building, arresting him,” explained the inspector.

Amaya argued that the gendarmes, protected by articles No. 191 and 192 of the Organic Code of Criminal Procedure (COPP), carried out a body inspection of the suspected woman, who was seized from the inside of the waistband of her jumpsuit, Leggy type. , a translucent wrapper of regular size, containing nine small aluminum foil wrappers containing an alleged drug called crack inside.

Amaya said that with the urgency of the case, the security commission located a witness in order to leave transparency of all police action, and protected by article No. 196 of the COPP, in the presence of the witness, they entered the house.

“In the kitchen, they found a regular-sized backpack containing two panelas of presumed marijuana weighing approximately 190 grams, an onion-type wrapper, and 182 portions of presumed crack. Additionally, five foreign denomination bills and five national denomination bills were found,” the inspector specified.

Amaya indicated that the procedure was notified to the 19th Prosecutor’s Office, with jurisdiction over state drug matters, which will charge Márquez Belisario for his alleged responsibility in the crime of distribution and trafficking of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

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