Zoilamérica Ortega Murillo: "Monsignor Álvarez inspires us, guides us even if they try to humiliate him"

They call for a world crusade of prayer for the freedom of Monsignor Álvarez

The platform Action give life to Nicaragua is promoting, for next July 16, a world prayer crusade for the release of Monsignor Rolando Alvarez, political prisoner of the Daniel Ortega regime.

The Nicaraguan comedian Dennis Castellon, better known as «Locuin»said to Article 66 that this initiative “is the one that most unites Nicaraguans of different religions.”

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He also explained that the event will be broadcast from the social networks of Acción give life to Nicaragua starting at 11 in the morning, Nicaraguan time, and where the independent media will be able to broadcast.

«The event deals with religious prayer activities during that day and will start through a spaces, on Twitter; in which Latin American priests will be, using their voice to pray. Many Nicaraguan Catholics will also attend, who will give words of encouragement to Monsignor Álvarez,” added Locuin.

For their part, the members of Give life to Nicaragua recalled, through a press release, that the bishop of the Diocese of Matagalpa is “a tireless defender of justice, human rights and freedoms. He has become the icon of dedication and sacrifice in our nation ».

They asserted that the imprisonment of the religious “is unjust, and his courageous willingness to face the consequences in defense of his people have touched the hearts of thousands of people in Nicaragua and throughout the world.”

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“The Crusade of Prayer for Monsignor Álvarez not only represents our collective pleas for his health, strength and liberation, but it is a transcendental call to unite our voices and raise our prayers for Nicaragua itself. It is a cry of hope and solidarity in search of the recovery of human rights, justice and freedom that we so long for, “they stressed.

They call for a world crusade of prayer for the freedom of Monsignor Álvarez. Photo: Article 66 / El 19 Digital

On August 4, Monsignor Álvarez will celebrate one year since the Nicaraguan Police prevented him from leaving the Matagalpa Episcopal Curia, and then, on the 19th of the same month, they kidnapped him.

The Ortega court sentenced him on February 10 to 26 years in prison for alleged crimes of treason; Since he was confined in the Jorge Navarro Penitentiary System, in Tipitapa, his family has only been able to see him on one occasion.

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