NGO warned that 70% of Lake Maracaibo is covered by the “verdin”

Yohan Flores, from the NGO Azul Ambientalistas, said that Lake Maracaibo is dying “slowly” due to the pollution that overwhelms it. He denounced that with a single cleaning crew on the shores, the problem cannot be solved.

The director of the NGO Azul Ambientalistas, Yohan Flores, warned on Wednesday July 12 that 70% of Lake Maracaibo is being affected by the “verdín”, the blue-green algae that appeared on the surface of the lake basin and has proliferated by the discharge of wastewater without being treated.

Flores warned that the situation in Lake Maracaibo is worsening due to the spill between 500 and a thousand barrels a day being dumped into the waters of the area, for which he warned that the place “is slowly dying.”

“We can see on the shores a green stain that when it dries has a very strong odor, which is causing illnesses in many residents of all the shores of Lake Maracaibo,” he said in an interview with Radio Faith and Joy.

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He denounced that with a single cleaning crew on the shores the problem cannot be solved, for which he stressed that more people are needed, the latest generation equipment to collect the oil, as well as urged the activation of treatment plants so that wastewater does not reach the Lake without being treated.

“The solution is that PDVSA can have all the human and logistical personnel,” he assured.

The governor of Zulia state, Manuel Rosales, promised Wednesday July 12 build a plant to treat the wastewater that is dumped at its final destination in Lake Maracaibo, in order to reduce contamination in the lake basin that has been affected in recent months by continuous oil spills and the appearance of a blue-green alga known as “verdin”.

Rosales affirmed that with this plant, of which he did not give details of when it will be ready, he said that with the construction of this plant, more than 50% of the wastewater that is deposited in the lake will be prevented from contaminating it more than what is

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