They boarded up four drug sales outlets in Montevideo

The Communications Unit (Unicom) of the Ministry of the Interior reported that Montevideo Police agents boarded up four drug outlets that were operating in the country’s capital.

The first of the houses was located in Barrio Sur, around Carlos Gardel and Paraguay streets. The Departmental Anti-Drug Brigade (BDA) responded to the call of the residents of the area and carried out a search of the residence.

After the police intervention, the agents seized 3,640 pesos and arrested a 59-year-old man. The defendant was summoned without a date, while, with the authorization of the owner of the property, the police coordinated the bricking of the same.

Subsequently, the authorities acted in Peñarol. Due to multiple violent events that occurred in this area to the west of the city, the BDA, in a coordinated effort with the 2nd Shift Narcotics Prosecutor’s Office, carried out a search of two homes on Heine and Hudson streets.

In the first instance, the interventions did not have results, because they were carried out during the day, when the criminal activity occurred at night. However, after concluding the procedure, the authorities contacted the Municipality of Montevideo, which ordered the walling up and subsequent demolition of the house.

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Days later, based on information received anonymously at the Coexistence and Citizen Security Directorate, a procedure was launched to investigate the sale of drugs and the purchase of stolen objects in a home on Emancipación and Aldao streets. After the investigations, the authorities determined that an apparent warehouse in the garage of a house was a front to sell drugs.

With the information collected, the Police carried out a search in which they found an empty house, without furniture. After completing the inspection, the authorities boarded up the building.

Finally, the last boarded up house was located in the downtown area. The BDA raided the house located in Uruguay and Julio Herrera after confirming that drugs were sold there.

The agents could not find drugs or people inside the site, but they boarded up the house at the end of the operation.

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