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They blame Efraín for using the image of an athlete for his political campaign

The candidate for the 2023 Presidency, Paraguayo Cubas, assured in a campaign speech that he will offer first-class marijuana at a low cost.

As part of his political strategy to obtain votes in the next presidential elections, former Paraguayan senator Cubas resorted to marijuana as a hook for his electoral proposal.

“I have friends who buy the toco, and what does it have, mixed with mango, yerba, anything, poison, ñande ñamoîta lomitâme premium marijuana, without humidity, without seedCubas said before a group of supporters.

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Regarding the cost, he anticipated that if today the price is 10,000 guaraníes, it will drop to 3,000 guaraníessince controlled consumption will be legal.

“Lomitâ orekota legally the icaastro, lomitâ opitase the marijuana, ojeregistra, ndaha’èi the marihuanero the ojapoa the murder, umi drug trafficker the ojapo”, underlined the pre-candidate to whom they responded in chorus “certain”.

On August 18, Paraguayo Cubas registered his candidacy for the 2023 Presidency with Stilber Valdés as vice president. The plate is no longer part of the Concertación, which had a shorter duration than expected and was rapidly disintegrating.

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